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5 ways to ensure your charity newsletter is not caught by spam filters

Many of us have been through this: we spend a long time composing an engaging, interesting, well-written newsletter with the perfect images to go with the articles all perfectly positioned. We send it out, only to discover that the open rate has dropped from average. What's happened? If this is the case, or you've got an unusually high bounce rate, you could be looking at a spam filter problem.

Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions: Are they still relevant and what to do with them

For a long time meta descriptions have been an essential part of SEO; they are the description under the link in the search engine listings. If you created that description, you were sure to pack a few good keywords in to help boost your website's place in the list. 

But now Google have changed the state of play and decided that they aren't really taking any notice of keywords any more. 

So are meta descriptions still worth bothering with?

Resources And Tools

Testimonials ebook

How to get powerful testimonials for your business

Secure your WordPress website

Securing your WordPress website

In 2009, 81,000 WordPress sites were hacked. In 2012 that number had grown to more than 170,000.

Furthermore, 30,000 websites a day are now being infected with malware due to the large number of vulnerabilities (230 on average) found on most sites.