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What's the best way to ask for a quote from a Web Designer? #2: Taking payments and ecommerce

In this series we're looking at different elements of a website that you, the website owner need to think about when asking for a quote. It can be hard to know how much detail to go into and how to express what you mean. Hopefully these will help you to get a more accurate quote.
Web pages

What's the best way to ask for a quote from a Web Designer? #1: Does number of pages matter?

We admit it. Sometimes, when we are asked for a quote, we sigh. Not because we don't want to quote for a website - it's our foundation, it's what we love to do: building a marketing tool that will bring in more enquiries and more sales gives us a great buzz. No, we sigh because sometimes, the way we're asked for a quote, we know there's a lot of educating to do. 

Take these examples:

Resources And Tools

Testimonials ebook

How to get powerful testimonials for your business

Secure your WordPress website

Securing your WordPress website

In 2009, 81,000 WordPress sites were hacked. In 2012 that number had grown to more than 170,000.

Furthermore, 30,000 websites a day are now being infected with malware due to the large number of vulnerabilities (230 on average) found on most sites.