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4 quick and easy ways to build an email list for your accountancy business

Esther Nelson
Gathering Emails

One aspect of business that everyone agrees needs to be done - in fact is essential - is marketing. We all need more clients, because more clients equal more income keeps the business running and growing. 

There's a problem with this though. One aspect of business that accountants generally do not feel comfortable with is marketing. 

So how do you gain more leads and bring those clients pouring through the door? Many accountants rely on referrals, which is a very successful way of gaining clients. There is nothing like a qualified referral to make an easy sale. But this shouldn't be relied on in total, you need more avenues to bring in leads. 

This article focusses on generating leads by gathering emails. By nature of this, we are anticipating you having a newsletter so that you can use to educate your prospects and demonstrate your professionalism, along with your approachability. A regular, interesting newsletter keeps you front of mind for those occasions when help is required, but it also allows you to be proactive through calls to action. So let's look at a few examples of how you can build up a list of recipients. 


Newsletter sign-up form

This is the first, most basic thing you can do. If you don't have a newsletter at the moment you'll need to take a look at the different options around for producing newsletters. Its always best to use one of these (for example Mailchimp, Constant Contact or Campaign Monitor) because they make sure that you're doing everything legally, for example putting your address details in the footer, having an automatic unsubscribe and so on. At The Webmaster Centre we favour Mailchimp. It is extremely quick and easy to set up, if you're not sure what you're doing they'll have an easy to understand video on the subject and their helpdesk is great. We love their quirky touches as well, which gives you a smile as you work! 

You can also create a sign up form on the platform and copy the code to put it on your website, making it easy for non-techy people to do things themselves. On Mailchimp, they also have an api to put your signup form onto a Facebook page, so if you have a Facebook page, you can spread the word a bit further by adding a tab to sign up to your newsletter straight from there. 

If you don't want to put your form on every page of your website, put it on the contact page, and any information page you've written (like a blog, for example)


Email-gated content

Email-gated content is a great way of gathering email addresses. Examples of this are ebooks, infographics, or checklists, which are offered for download, but the user has to fill in a form with a name and email address to get the download. Done properly, this form can connect to your newsletter platform. Note: there should be very clear text with this process so that the user knows what is happening. There is nothing more annoying than getting signed up to something when you didn't realise! 

Usually, if someone is prepared to give their details to get some useful information, they are happy to receive more of the same. This does mean that you, as a busy accountant, will need to produce some content, but there are ways of getting this done without it taking too much of your time up. (Get in touch if you're interested in our content creation services). The crucial thing about this though, is that the world has gone social, and sharing is a part of that. If you want to collect emails, or get people engaged in any way with your business online, you have to share something and you, as accountants, have a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge in this way. You don't need to produce a massive document either, a simple checklist, for example, systemising what you might need to give your bookkeeper at the end of each month would be useful for a new start-up. So think around what you do and what you can tell people, then get it down to share.

Social Media Posts​

Once you have produced some email-gated content then use your social media networks to promote it. Post about is on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and link to the page where the user has to sign up to download the content. To encourage click-throughs, use quotes from your document to demonstrate what users will find in there and engender interest. By using different quotes, or a summary here and there, you'll be able to produce several posts about the same document.

Link in Twitter Bio

  • You don't have a lot of room for your Twitter bio, but why not use some of it to link through to your email-gated content? Once you've produced a few you could have a resources section on your website, making it easy to put just one link on places like your Twitter bio, and ensuring a good chance of success to bring in more emails through downloads.