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How to "do SEO" for your small business #2: SEO and your web designer

Nic Aucott
SEO for small business

For a small business, having an effective website is a necessity. A clean, laid-out website will gain the much needed attention that will eventually lead to more traffic directed towards your website. While proper design is a key part of having an effective website, using search engine optimization, or SEO, is also important. The benefits of having a fully optimized website will provide a great return on investment in the amount of traffic that you will receive. Yes, a well designed website will effectively keep visitors on your website, but by using search engine optimization it will generate the traffic you need to drive visitors to the site itself.

How does SEO work?

The concept is quite simple to understand but difficult to execute. Search Engine Optimization utilizes targeted key words and phrases that are commonly used by people searching on the web for an item, store, or service online. The person searching will type in those key words in a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo to generate results. By using descriptive words in the content and headings of the webpage, the search engine then uses the search context to provide results.

For the small business, this will include local demographics such as city, street names, and even neighbourhoods. This is just the first part of the optimization process. The next part involves the use of a ranking system for generating the best website match for the search.

The search engine uses a database of the most frequently visited sites according to the amount of people who click and enter the site being searched. Rankings are then earned by the popularity of the site combined with the original context of the search to display the top results.

Design vs. Marketing

Creating a great looking website will keep your visitors engaged and will keep them on the page itself. For this, there are great designers that will create stunning pages from scratch. This is often quite costly and renders all control of the website to the designer.

With tools like WordPress, a quality website can be built for a fraction of the cost as well as be dynamic enough for visitors to stay and look around. SEO marketing is a different kind of animal altogether and requires a great deal of marketing knowledge.

By knowing what the small business target market is and which type of visitors that the site is trying to attract, well placed words can easily be placed on the site. Effective use of specific words are highly important as the search will include phrases used directly by the potential customer.


Using SEO with WordPress

Website developers like to get creative. They design beautiful websites that not only try to entice visitors to browse the site but to keep those visitors coming back for more. This is great from a marketing perspective but ineffective as a vehicle to drive visitors to the site itself. Having a seo wordpress designer will allow for the optimization needed to direct traffic to the site.

This is done by taking a marketing perspective and finding out what drives business to the site.

For this to work, having a strong knowledge of the target market allows the designer to predict which key words will be searched. These words are then strategically placed on the site itself. By using SEO WordPress tools, these key words can then be placed in highly visible areas where search engine analytic tools will find them.

Remember that in order for the clever website design to be effective, traffic must first be generated to the site itself. By implementing a strong use of search engine optimization, generating interest in a website becomes a large part of the marketing plan that is not only cost effective but produces results almost instantly. The moment the website is revised and goes live, it becomes searchable. This will generate the traffic to your site once again.