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Photography and copywriting - the two essential elements of your website

Esther Nelson
Copywriting is important

When we sit down with a client to plan their website we talk a lot about functionality: how it will enhance a visitor's experience, help with administration, bring your potential clients closer to you in a faster way. But really, the thing that will really make a visitor stay on a website and want to buy from you is the content. When I say content, I mean firstly the text, ie your written message and how easy it is to read and understand, and secondly the imagery, ie are photographs relevant to you and even of you and your business, if appropriate do you have infographics to illustrate a point you're trying to make? These two elements can and often are carried out by the website owner, but is this the right thing to do?

We all know that when we look at a website a lot of its appeal comes from the attractive images that draw the attention, and if the design is done right, we'll be drawn to the copy as well. So why is it that so many people want to take a short cut and do these elements of their website themselves? If you believe your website is a marketing tool, then the copy and photographs have to be spot on - its going to take your message throughout the whole world. Do you want people to see you as a low quality company or one that makes the effort to present itself professionally? 

We have worked with several professional copywriters, all who make a great job of the copy our clients need. And if you're worried about cost, they really don't charge enough for the effect that they can have on your content. To make things cost effective work with your website designer, copywriter or marketing guru to decide which of your pages are key then just get those written professionally to start with. The other crucial point about using a copywriter is the time - it can take a very long time to write copy yourself and you can save yourself a lot of valuable time by allowing a copywriter to do the work for you. It will allow you to get on with your day job and move the website closer to its go-live date without the effort needed from you.

As for photographs, with certain industries they can make or break a website. In terms of manipulating photographs as website designer we can only go so far with the materials with which we are provided. Yes, we can resize, cut and crop but if your photograph is too small to start with or not of the right resolution it will not look right. So its really worth speaking to a professional photographer to get a set of professionally produced photographs which will really enhance your website and enable your website designer to do a great job displaying what you do. 

Have a serious think about this. You can work out how to change the oil in your car to save a bit of cash but how many of us do this? Get your website running smoothly and use the professionals to do a good job.