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Website Tips 3 - Keep your website fresh

Patrick Nelson
Why fresh content is important to your website

Why is it important?

Keeping the content of your website fresh will always have a positive effect on how well it performs in the search engines, amongst your social audience and with users in general. And, by contrast, leaving your website content to go stale will have exactly the opposite effect.

Most of us know by now that search engines like websites that regularly add new content. But so do users - the fresher your content, the more regularly you add stuff that is useful, interesting and relevant, the more likely your site is to be shared socially and virally.

And, as far as visitors are concerned, we've all seen small business sites where the News or Blog section features content that is several months old and we know firsthand just what a negative impression this creates of the website, the brand and the company behind the site.

How we can help

We offer a free test. Our specialised software will read each and every page of your website, searching for indications of when the content there was posted - essentially exactly the same thing that a human visitor will do except that our software is also able to access some technical indicators that aren't visible to your typical reader.

From all the information it gathers, it then creates a graph which will show you exactly how fresh the content (the news, blog posts, etc.) on your site is perceived to be.

The test is completely free and without obligation. If you would like us to run a 'content freshness' test for your site, all you need to do is Like us on Facebook (you can use the widget to the right) and send us a message or a comment asking for your free test. If you're already a fan, all you need to do is message us to ask for your free report.