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Website Tips 5 - Content

Patrick Nelson
A great website needs great content

The quality of content on your website is of immense importance. Whether it's well written, up-to-date blog posts, articles and news items, the metadata that sits behind each page, useful, helpful videos and podcasts or unique, attractive images and photographs, content is still king.

Without good quality content, you cannot hope for your website to succeed in the search engines or with the people who visit your site.

So many businesses whom we meet for the first time to talk about their new website place far too much emphasis on the design and colours that they want to see in the final design.

Obviously these things are important: branding is a powerful tool and the use of colour and imagery to evoke certain emotions or reactions in visitors cannot be underestimated. But you shouldn't forget that most people who visit your site are doing so to solve a problem. Whether that means finding a product or service they want or learning something they feel they need to know, that means content.

Get used to the fact: they're there for the content. Fail to provide it, or provide a means to access it and the chances are you'll lose that visitor.

Content Management Systems

We'll talk more about CMSes in a future Tip, but, for now, recognise that if your site has more than 10 pages, it can - and should - benefit from a good CMS. And these are not difficult to find: there are plenty of Open Source systems available. Aside from the venerable WordPress to our personal favourite Drupal, there are a whole host of others. (If you're unsure which is for you, get in touch - for an hour's consultancy, one of our Webmasters can discover your needs and help you decide).

In summary, it is possible to have a technically great, visually gorgeous website with poor content. And such a website will likely fail to win you and your organisation the business, enquiries, sales, bookings, subscriptions, donations or whatever else it is that you need.

Quality content is immeasurably invaluable for a successful, effective and profitable website.