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What's the best way to ask for a quote from a Web Designer? #3: Hosting, Domain names and Email addresses

Esther Nelson
Hosting, Domains and Email addresses

I thought for this article we'd have a little change from my writing and look back at what we've published on The Webmaster Centre website on this subject, because actually, I couldn't really say it any better!

Let's start with domain names. 

In my industry, domain names are one of those foundation things that everyone knows about. But we all need to be aware that this isn't necessarily the case outside of the industry. Like everything, its what you're used to. If you're one of those people who don't really 'get' domain names, the article below was written for people just like you. Its a simple explanation about what they are and why you need one. There's even a free download to explain the latest about domain names which, when you think of the implications, is pretty exciting!


Domain names explained. Everything you need to know to get the right domain name for your business.
What are domain names? How do you choose the right domain name for your organisation? What are the options available? This quick article will give you the fundamentals you need to know.


Closely aligned with domain names are email addresses. We see lots and lots of promotional material - particularly on vans when we're driving around, with a perfectly good website address (domain name!) but then an email like joe@yahoo.com. It should be a really simple thing, once you've bought a domain name, to get a professional looking email address from it. Your web designer or host should be able to do that for you, so have a think about what emails you'll need. 


Does it matter what email addresses you use for your business? As they say "you never get a second chance to make a first impression".


Finally, every website needs hosting. Hosting is essentially the place that your website sits. There are many places to host a website, some are free, some make a small charge and some make a large charge. If you are not technically minded, we'd really strongly advise you to expect to pay for a quality host who you can easily get in touch with and will be willing to help you with any adjustments you want to make to your hosting. As you'll see in the following article, this is one area where you really do get what you pay for! 


The most common reason people leave websites is because pages take too long to load. Successful websites, therefore, depend on great website hosting.


Hosting, domain names and emails are crucial to consider when you are planning a website, so make sure you are aware of what you're asking for, and ask your web designer whether they would be able to host your new website and how much it will cost. It will save surprises later and help you to plan costs. 

Next week we'll look at a huge subject: design. See you then!