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What's the best way to ask for a quote from a Web Designer? #5: Thinking about the future

Esther Nelson
Looking in the future

In this series we've looked together at a number of aspects you need to think about when asking a website designer for a quote. All of these aspects are usually in some form or other covered by business people who have thought a little bit about what they want on their websites and what they want it to do. However, thinking about the future of the website is often forgotten. The future is is very important! You wouldn't be getting a website if you didn't think it was worth it, so you need to think about what you'll be doing with your website once it's built. 

Here are a few things to consider when you discuss the future of your website with your web designer:

  • Your website will need fresh content on a regular basis. Most people think they can keep up with it. Think really long and hard about how frequently you can do this and whether you would be better buying in copywriting skills to help you. (It really isn't that expensive, and for the peace of mind and professional outcome it can be well worth it!)
  • Where will you host your website? Make sure your website host offers a secure environment suitable to the website you've got. Don't be too swayed by free or mega cheap hosting if you don't know what you're doing. With hosting, you really do get what you pay for! If you need help, make sure your hosting company is accessible and speaks your language.
  • Most websites now need the code updating to keep it secure from hackers and up with modern standards. Don't skimp on this or ignore it, there are lots of extremely intelligent people looking for an easy target to hack. If your website code isn't up to date it could be the one they find. 
  • How will you market your website? You need to do something to make it stand out among the thousands of sites on the internet! You'll need to decide what suits you best - SEO, Social Media, email campaigns and so on. If you ask your web designer about this bear in mind that not all those who build websites market them as well. 

All of these aspects need to be a part of your plan so that your website is successful and brings you a return on your investment. 


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