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Content marketing

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Do you want help creating quality ebooks, articles, videos, infographics, guides, cheatsheets, white papers or podcasts for your website and blog?

Do you struggle to find the time and resources to create content? Or the tools to get it done professionally?

Our Content Marketing package

With our Content Marketing package, we will help you to create relevant, unique content that your visitors and prospective customers want to read, watch, listen to and share with others.

How does it work?

Planning and set up

The first stage is planning and set up. During this stage, your appointed Webmaster will first help you work out which types of content suit your business and your industry best.

They will then collect marketing, sales and product information directly from your company.

Finally they will research your industry and develop a Content Marketing strategy for you to achieve these objectives:

  • Produce content that is optimised for Google
  • Produce content that is ready to be easily shared socially across your network
  • Position your company as the go-to experts in your field
  • Connect and engage with your audience, appealing directly to their needs
  • Be found by your potential clients and prospects as early in the buying process as possible
  • Persuades those people to act, leading them forward to the completion of a sale
  • Communicates your key brand messages

Once your content strategy is ready, the next stage is executing your Content Marketing plan

Running your Content Marketing plan

Your Webmaster will run your Content Marketing plan for you, reporting to you weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your Content Marketing strategy.

Together, you will agree the content to be produced and published for the next period and your Webmaster will take care of all the details.

Producing your content

In addition to our in-house content experts, we have an army of quality content Webmasters from around the world who have produced content for some of the world's leading brands. Your Webmaster will ensure that the most suitable people are engaged on your plan to produce the very best content for you.

How much does it cost?

Your initial consultation is free.

During this, you can ask your Webmaster questions and learn exactly how your Content Marketing package will work. Once you're happy to proceed, your Webmaster will work with you to plan and set up your Content Marketing package. The cost of this phase will vary depending on complexity of your site and your requirements. The average cost for a small business is between £500 to £1500.

The cost of running your Content Marketing plan will also vary depending on the amount and nature of your content: obviously, producing a video costs more than producing an article and producing 3 ebooks costs more than producing one.

However, your Webmaster is trained to tailor your Content Marketing to ensure that you will generate more in revenue and new customers than the plan costs. Our objective is to help increase your profits, not decrease them.

How to get started

Complete the short form to the right. As soon as we receive your completed enquiry, we'll contact you for an initial chat by telephone and arrange for you to meet your Webmaster. They will work with you to collect the information they need and advise you how much your initial planning and set-up will cost.

Once you're happy to proceed, your Webmaster will guide you through the process to get started, working out a Content Marketing plan to suit your needs, your budget and your revenue goals.

Complete the form now to get started or call us on 0115 896 2529 if you have any questions.