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So, just what is inbound marketing?

In today's visual society it seems that all we want to do is watch funny videos on the web and look at pretty graphics. We are living in the digital visual generation. People absolutely love stunning graphics, visuals and mind blowing videos, that is why we have seen rapid growth of social media platforms like Pinterest, Vine and Instagram that have exploded onto the scene.

Nowadays marketers need to cut through the clutter and provide our audience with something that adds value. This is more important now than ever before, as it's about educating our potential customers rather than trying to sell to them and this is where infographics can come into play.

Infographics are fun and they appear to have taken us by storm and when they are used appropriately they not only educate but can also entertain.

Just consider these 5 simple inbound marketing steps in this infographic from the whole brain group.

The 5 steps to increase traffic and convert leads into customers:

  • Step 1: Create compelling, engaging and relevant content.
  • Step 2: Get found by people who need your products and services.
  • Step 3: Convert visitors to leads and nurture the relationship.
  • Step 4: Convert qualified leads into customers.
  • Step 5: Analyze and adjust your marketing tactics.

Inbound Marketing is an ongoing process:

It's not a one hit solution but requires consistent care and attention. It needs constant feeding to enable your business to keep on growing and moving forward.

Inbound marketing, just what is it?
Inbound marketing, just what is it?