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What are the five elements of inbound marketing?

Infographics come in all shapes and sizes and some are better than others. But do text based infographics actually work, well this one does by AXZM, it's looks very clean complete with simple graphics. Why does this one work so well? Well that will be because it is super easy to read. The visual design is broken down into different sections giving your eye a logical path to follow with each section building on the next meaning that you will have complete big picture by the time you finish reading it.

Just take a moment to read about the five elements of inbound marketing in this infographic.

Five Elements of Inbound Marketing:

Email, the Earth which is the bedrock of your business communications.

SEO, the Air which can inject fresh life into your website through targeted organic traffic.

Social Media, the Fire which can promote your brand helping to spread your message like wildfire.

Content, the Water which gives life to your online marketing efforts.

Design, the Aether which is the foundation that binds all the inbound marketing elements together.

Just take a moment to read these statistics about social media and blogging.

Should I Blog and use Social Media?

  • 92% of companies who blog many times a day have got a new customer.
  • 70% of marketers say that they do weekly blogs.
  • New customers have been acquired by 57% of companies who blog from their blog.
  • 65% of B2B companies say that they have got a new customer through Linkedin.
What are the 5 inbound marketing elements?
What are the 5 inbound marketing elements?