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Quality Assurance Policy

The following activities are our specialities: Website Design and Development, WordPress and Drupal website support, Search Engine Optimisation, Content Marketing and content creation, and Website and Email hosting.

Our company culture requires that everything we do and provide is of the highest quality. To ensure this, we only market professional products and services of a tried and tested quality.  

This means:

  • Your requirements will be investigated properly and we will provide you with the best solution available. These solutions are not based on price, they are based on what is going to  help your business in the most effective way, and provide a return on investment for you.
  • We will meet and exceed your expectations in terms of both delivery and specification. Whatever the service, we get to know you so that we can learn how you like to operate and communicate, and work in your preferred way.
  • Every project is thoroughly supervised. We assign an experienced account manager to each client, to make sure your service is supervised and someone in our team is accountable for getting the work done.
  • We are open and honest about deadlines and costs. There are no hidden costs in our proposals. We will always tell you what the price of a service is up front, along with any potential extras.
  • Our staff are trained to give a polite, efficient and friendly service
  • We promote continuous improvement of our processes to refine and improve communication with you.
  • We take all feedback very seriously and act upon it wherever possible so please let us know if you can see an area of improvement.
  • Our whole team is either highly experienced in their field or highly qualified, to ensure the quality of our work remains high. Our tools are the most professional available for the job, without compromising on our costs to you.