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Search engine optimisation services: features

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We designed our SEO service around the needs of UK businesses. Our features cover everything you need to get your website ranking in Google. At your speed and within your budget. And all without unnecessary gobbledygook, jargon and technical complexity.

Choose search terms on SEO planChoose your search terms

Start your SEO plan and choose the search terms that you want your pages to rank highly for. We will assess your web pages against the terms that you choose so that we know exactly what to do to optimise your site for those terms. 


keyword research...or get help choosing your search terms

Don't know which search terms to choose? We will research the keywords that you should target in the search engines. These will be key phrases that a significant number of people use to search for businesses like yours that are not ultra competitive. In other words, keyword phrases that lead to enquires and sales! 

website analysisWebsite optimisation review

We can review your entire website for the things that will prevent you from doing well in Google: errors and bad practises that need to be fixed; slow pages and how to speed them up; full inbound link analysis and the types of links you need to get the rankings you want. 

Changing website copyOn-page SEO optimisation

We will optimise your pages for you. We take all the information that comes out of your website optimisation review and implement it to make your pages work better in Google. In short, we do all the work to improve the quality of your website and get the results you want.

Page titles, meta descriptions and keywordsPage titles, meta descriptions and meta tags

We will write relevant, compelling and optimised page titles, meta description and all other required meta tags for your pages that include the keyword phrases your site needs to be optimised for.

LinksLink building

Backlinks are one of the ways Google decides how popular your website is. The more backlinks you have, the more Google will like you and the higher they'll rank your site. But those backlinks have to be legitimate, of good quality and relevance to your website. We'll create a continual and diverse flow of effective backlinks for your site that will include guest posts, videos, articles, comments, bookmarks and much more.

Getting indexed in the search enginesSearch engine submissions

We will instruct the search engines that your website is ready to be crawled and indexed. This means that your site will be picked up by more than 150,000 search engines which, in turn, will produce a flow of relevant traffic to your site and increase the number of backlinks you have (see Link Building feature below). We continually repeat this process to ensure your content is refreshed in the indexes. 

SEO content marketingOptimised content creation

Your website's success will be determined by the quality of your content. Combine your SEO with our Content Marketing service where our writing team (hundreds of writers) can produce or rewrite whatever optimised content you need. Everything we write is 100% unique and in high-quality fluent English.

Local searchLocal / geographic SEO

If you need to optimise your website locally, we can build you a powerful foundation of local links and citations from a wide variety of sources including Google+, Google Maps, local business directories, Yelp, Yahoo!, Bing, FourSquare and authority websites so people in your target area find your website.

Google Analytics visitor trackingVisitor tracking

We will install and configure Google Analytics on your site for you. You will be able to see where your visitors come from, what they do on your site and where they go when they leave. Plus we'll set everything up so you get great, easy-to-read reports each month showing you exactly how well your website is doing.

Add website pagesAdd extra pages at any time

Add additional pages at any time. Choose your keyword search terms for each page you add or ask us to do the keyword research. We'll optimise each and every page to get you the rankings and traffic you want.

control panelInstant access to your own control panel

You can access your SEO, backlinks and reports any time via your control panel.

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