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SquareSpace developers for hireSquareSpace is a commercial CMS offering easy-to-use tools for designing your website and managing your content. It includes a comprehensive set of features such as ecommerce, galleries blogs and out-of-the-box SEO. 

As with most website builders that follow this model, you begin by choosing a template. This is where systems like this fall down. Most people do not have design experience, know how to construct a good site navigation and don't know where to begin when it comes to usability. Even a great system like SquareSpace can cause problems if you haven't thought through what you're trying to do before you start. Read the full review below.

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SquareSpace CMS review

Where SquareSpace surely wins is in the sheer breadth and breathtaking beauty of the range of templates available.

Once you've chosen your preferred template, you can easily change fonts, font sizes, alignment, styles and colours. And you have access to CSS if you want to do more in-depth customisations. There is also a developer platform available for developers like us to help you fully customise your SquareSpace website.

It can be difficult and expensive to find hosting that is optimised properly for your chosen CMS but with SquareSpace this isn't a problem as all sites include hosting. You will however need to organise your own email although this is straightforward with Gmail.