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Umbraco CMS

Umbraco is a CMS built upon ASP.NET. It's open source, however it has optional paid-for services such as support and training.

As their home page states, Umbraco has been used on some of the biggest sites on the web such as Microsoft, Heinz, Vogue, Peugeot and, eh, Take That.

It's popularity is due, in part, to the fact that it gives full control over design, is focused on meeting the various web standards and has a completely open template system. And, if you need to get started on your new website quickly, Umbraco also offers starter kits and skins (similar to themes).

Umbraco presents your entire site in a tree-based view which makes it really easy to create and manage your pages. The entire system can also be configured to show each content creator and editor only the information they need to do their job and the system also supports scheduled publishing, versioning and previews (Drupal does too and many of the other CMS's can be configured to provide these functions).

One unique feature of Umbraco is that it is easy to work with content that was originally created in Microsoft Word. With most other CMSs, you would need to reformat the content of a Word document completely from scratch.

Umbraco offers good support with both free and commercial tutorials although it is let down somewhat by the lack of any pre-built themes. So if you want a professional design, you will still have to hire an agency familiar with Umbraco to create and implement that for you.

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Community support: Yes
Documentation: Yes
Server: IIS 7+
Database: SQL CE, SQL Server 2008 and higher
Language: ASP.NET 4.5 Full-Trust
Licence: Open Source

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