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Drupal: Views

Drupal Views module

Views is a great module. If you're building anything but the simplest of websites, you'll probably find yourself (or your Drupal web developer) using it.

In fact, it's so essential that, in Drupal 8, it has been moved into core (yay) which means that it will be shipped with every download of Drupal as standard.

So what does it do? It lets you filter the content of your site in any manner you choose and then display the results on a page, in a block or a feed.

It's difficult to understand just how awesome Views is without diving in and getting to grips with it.

There are some great paid resources to learn Views and get to grip such as BuildAModule.com, Drupalize.me and Lynda.com but there are also plenty of free Drupal Views training material out there which a simple Google search will reveal.