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As business people and entrepreneurs we should be forever upskilling and learning what is new in our industry. There are many ways to do this, but one of the easiest from a time and cost point of view is to keep an eye out online for content relevant to our industries and requirements. 

The trouble with this method is that it can be impossible to keep up with everything. So when you get a newsletter coming to your inbox filled with links to articles, all of which you'd like to read, how do you deal with them?

One answer is to defer your reading to another time by using the handy bookmarking tool, getpocket.com. This great tool allows you to store links in an easy to see format, tag them so you can easily find them again and even share them with other members of your team if you have one. What is very nice about it is the way it displays your bookmarks:

  • List - In this format you just see the title of the page you've saved along with the url and any tag you've assigned. On some of the bookmarks there is also an image. 
  • Grid - As a grid you can see more of the page: title, maybe an image and some text as well as the link. This is very handy when you've built up your store of bookmarks and need a reminder of what the page was all about. 

If you just want to read that page and don't need anything else from the website, Pocket will open the page within their own site. This means no to-ing and fro-ing between sites; when you've finished you can delete the page, tag it, favourite it, archive or just go back to the main Pocket screen. If you did want to go straight to the source, you can click through straight away. 

Using Pocket on other devices is also very easy. They have created applications for android and Apple devices, and a widget for Chrome so you can easily add bookmarks and access the tool when you are on the move - great if you're saving up reading material for a quiet moment. 

Pocket is a very handy tool that is simple to use and nice to look at. It is well used by the team at The Webmaster Centre and as such we would all recommend it.