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Security is always high on the list when we talk to clients, whether that be accessing your website or logging into a social media account.

Many people still make the mistake of using the same password for everything. Its understandable, we all have so much to think about in our busy lives, and thinking of a new password for everything that needs secure access is a headache. Now more than ever though, with online activity increasing all the time and offline activities like going to a store or booking tickets for a show being transferred to online, we have to bite the bullet and change our habits where passwords are concerned. 

Fortunately, help is at hand with a number of tools that will generate a fresh, new, secure password for you at the click of a button. 

If, like us at The Webmaster Centre, your browser of choice is Google Chrome, then take a look at the variety of extensions you can obtain. One example of these is Secure Password Generator. Simply download then when you need it, click on the little padlock and generate a password.

If you favour a different browser there are other tools you can access online at no cost. Passwordsgenerator.net is a good example of these: choose what elements you'd like to include in your password (symbols, numbers, upper case, lower case etc) then click to generate the password.