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WordPress: Disqus Comment System

Disqus comment system

Receiving comments on your blog posts is always good for motivating you to just keep going and sticking with it. It's a great feeling to know that some one out there is appreciating your work. Disqus which is pronounced "discuss" is a plugin that allows online discussions and comments by replacing the standard WordPress comment system providing enhanced online chatter.

Once active it allows existing Disqus users to make comments with out having to first create an account and the account setup process is easy. None of the Disqus accounts are locally stored in your website's database only the comments themselves.

There are several advantages to creating new accounts in this way:

  • ​Spam comments are handled by Disqus and not you.
  • Account users can track replies to the comments that they have posted.
  • All comments are synchronised with WordPress so you won't loose anything if you change your mind.
  • Accounts can be created in different ways including social media allowing users to be anonymous.

Disqus Features

Some of the features of the Disqus plugin include:

  • Threaded comments and replies.
  • Social media mentions.
  • Moderators approve or reject comments via email.
  • Powerful spam filtering, blacklists and whitelists.

and many more helpful features.

Disqus Comment System Plugin